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Join us in a collective journey of compassion and impact as we work hand in hand, transforming lives and nurturing hope.

Discover our what makes us and keeps us.

Empower and transform the lives of kids, women, and men through teaching fitness, defense, and survival.

We seek to develop relationships and partnerships with ministries worldwide. Our mission is impossible to reach with a strong connection to the body and network of our faith.

Faith is the central key to our founding, operation, and future. This is all about knowing Jesus more and making him known.


Join us for initiatives

Join us for impactful initiatives, inclusive programs, community-driven solutions.

Implementing eco-friendly practices, promoting resource conservation, and building resilient communities for long-term success.
Raising awareness about social issues, advocating for equitable policies, and promoting civic engagement for positive change.
Partnering with stakeholders, businesses, and government agencies to amplify community voices and create lasting solutions.

Good Fight Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is unified in

Faith, Family, and Mission.

Jason Brinn

Marketing Director


Stephanie Brinn

Operations Director


Kollin Kalk

Community Director


Keegan Kalk

Fitness Director

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